Welcome to Your New Wiki!

Welcome to your Genocide Project Wikispace. All of the work for your project will occur in this space, and you will eventually have the opportunity to look at other teams' wikis and answer discussion questions. Most of our time the following week will be spent in this portal.
Project Guidleines and Requirements
  1. To learn about several international genocidal events
  2. To work effectively and efficiently in a group setting.
  3. To continue to improve 21st century skills
  4. To understand the components of genocide, and how to prevent genocidal events around the globe.
  5. To answer the focus question in a group setting and develop critical thinking skills
  6. To produce a final product (in the form of a Wiki page)

Requirements: (What your Wiki MUST contain)
  1. Work effectively in a group setting to produce a final product regarding your assigned genocidal event. At the end of this assignment, a portion of your grade will be given to you by your team members.
  2. Elements which MUST be included in your presentation include:
    1. Who was involved (who was perpetrating the event, who was being attacked)
    2. What the ‘reason’ was behind the event
    3. When and where the event occurred
    4. The political impacts (analysis component)
    5. The social impacts (critical thinking component)
    6. The resolution (was there a resolution or not?)
  3. As a team, create a Wiki page for the class which gives the vital information regarding your genocide event.
  4. As a group, create three discussion questions and post in your discussion link.
  5. As individuals, make at least one substantive comment in each discussion thread for each event.

Grading Rubric
  1. Team grade: 15 pts
  2. Wiki Page: 25 points
  3. Posting a discussion question: 10 pts.
  4. Participating in discussion threads: 20 pts.
  5. Final Statement: 5 pts.

Getting Started

  • Once you have been approved as a contributing member:
  • Click on your group name "Page" from the list on the right.
  • You will be responsible for the creation of an accurate description of the events which occured in your genocide. Remember to check your checklist for important information.
  • You can also use pictures and diagrams in your wiki
  • As a group, create three discussion questions as is related to your genocidal event. The information to answer the question MUST be included in your wiki page.
  • When you have finished your wiki page, post your questions under your "discussion" link. Please use complete and appropriate sentences.

Need Help?

  • Click on the help link above to learn more about how to use your wiki.
  • Email Mrs. Steagall at rsteagall@coconino.az.gov for any additional questions about this assignment. However, before you email about due dates and requirements, make sure to consult your checksheet!